The AGM of the Ochils Landscape Partnership (OLP) will be held on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at 7 pm at Alva Academy, Academy Avenue, Alva, FK12 5FE.

Dennis Toon: Chairman Ochils Landscape Partnership


1.         Apologies

2.         Declarations of Interest

3.         Minutes of AGM held 10 October 2013

4.         Matters arising from the previous minute         

5.         Chairman's Statement

6.         Election of two community representatives of the OLP*

7.         Election of Executive Committee Office Bearers:  Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the OLP

8.         Future of the OLP beyond December 2014

9.         AOCB

*NOTE: Nominations for the election of two community representatives to the OLP Executive Committee are required.  Individuals nominated are to be members of a partner organisation, such representatives being exclusive to members of the Community within the OLP area.

Nominations as noted above are to be notified to the OLP Scheme Co-ordinator Donald Forbes no later than 10th October 2014 by e-mail to DForbes@clacks.gov.uk or by post to Ochils Landscape Partnership, Clackmannanshire Council, Kilncraigs, Greenside Street, Alloa FK10 1EB.

It is very important that a representative from each of the partner organisations is present at this final AGM.  Copies of last year's AGM minutes are available on request from the Scheme Co-ordinator.  Further information of the OLP is available on www.ochils.org.uk





The Ochils Landscape Partnership works with local people to conserve and celebrate the heritage of the Ochils and Hillfoots.


The Virtual Visitor & Education Centre is now live!

You can access our 'Virtual Landscape' by clicking on the banner at the top of the page, or via the green tab above.

There are clickable 'hotspots' to information, images, animations and CGI films. The animations were created by the 6 Hillfoots primary schools as part of the recent environmental projects they did with us - each film is on the topic related to their outdoor lessons. And you can learn a bit about Hidden Hillfoots History by watching our amazing films: 'Alva House and Ice House' , Bronze Age Burials', and 'The Ochils and the Locals'.

Our 2014 Geo-caching trail and competition is now live! The trail is in Alva Glen and you can find the GPS co-ordinates via the Virtual Visitor & Education Centre. Alternatively, you can download a paper-based version of the trail here: Alva Glen Geo-caching trail.

Our Woodland Park Geo-caching trail is still in place too. You can find the GPS co-ordinates via the Virtual Visitor & Education Centre or download the paper-based version of the trail here: Ochils Woodland Park Geo-caching trail.

There is also trail information about the Hillfoots Diamond Jubilee Way, with two more trails - The River Devon Trail and The Kirkyards Trail - to follow. 

You can download our FREE trail app too: the Android version here and the iOS version here.

Have fun exploring!

Activities with the Ochils Landscape Partnership

Did you know ... ?

Did you know that in 1878 the Alva branch of the Band of Hope - one of the many temperance societies active in the area - had almost 600 members.
Ian Middleton

Interactive map

What is the Ochils Landscape Partnership?


About the Ochils Landscape Partnership

The Ochils Landscape Partnership aims to increase access to the hills and glens of the Ochils, improve the quality of our rivers, and restore parts of the historic built landscape. The project will provide opportunities for community involvement and volunteering to tell the story of the area's cultural, social and industrial heritage. It aims to enhance the lives of people in the Hillfoots and also to increase visitors to the area.