Tillicoultry Primary

In 2014 Tillicoultry P2/3s investigated Scottish Forests.

The class learnt about the two main types - coniferous and broadleaf. They learned about the woodland canopy and did experiments to estimate the age of trees. We also did twig hunts and collected natural materials from the trees. We discovered more about the variety of mini-beasts who live in woodlands by hunting mini-beasts so that we could examine them under magnifying glasses. We also looked into aquatic mini-beasts by river-dipping and learning about the 4 main groups of indicator species as well as food chains.

Click below to see Bluebell News, the animation made by the class!

In 2013 Tillicoultry P7s investigated 'Flooding on the River Devon'.

The class learned what a flood is and about the different types of flooding, how flooding is caused, and how it affects people, communities and wildlife. The class visited the River Devon where they identified 'evidence of flooding' such as sand deposits, debris on paths and gabion baskets. In groups the class undertook a flood mapping exercise where they marked evidence of flooding on their maps. At the River Devon the class gained knowledge of the water cycle and its importance by playing a water cycle game.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) took park in our flooding topic by delivering a presentation about SEPA's role, the flood warning service, family flood plans and flood kits. They also brought in rain gauges for the class to try out.

Heriot Watt University and The Conservation Volunteers brought a flood model to the school to demonstrate the affects of flooding in four different locations - a school, residential area, a shopping centre and an industrial estate. The model was filled with water and the class were able to monitor the effects of a 'flood' on a small scale. The class then became mini engineers and devised ways to alter the flood model to prevent flooding: they changed hard surfaces with permeable surfaces and added drains.

Throughout the topic the class studied a local case study flood that occurred in January 2008 at Elistoun Drive. They learned about why the River Devon flooded and what measures were put in place to prevent flooding occurring again.


Click below to see The Devonsiders, the animation made by the class!