Coalsnaughton Primary

In 2014 Coalsnaughton Primary 4/5s studied 'Rocks Under Our Feet'.

As part of this project, we studied the rock cycle, and discovered how three different types of rock - igneous, sedementary and metamorphic - are formed and eroded. The class collected and sorted rocks, and investigated the various types of soil - sand, clay, silt and loam. We did loads of experiments, incluiding the soil jar experiment to test pH and texture.

Click below to see The Rock Cycle, the animation made by the class!

In 2013 Coalsnaughton Primary 4/5s studied 'The effects of litter on wildlife and local biodiversity'.

The class investigated what litter actually is, the different types of litter, how it got there, and how it can be dangerous to wildlife. The class plotted on their maps where they thought litter hotspots would be found, and they took part in Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign by litter- picking in their local parks. The class arranged litter into rubbish and recyclable bags and weighed the contents to compare results.

The class also dissected owl pellets, identifying the bones of small mammals eaten by the owls. They learned that they could help small mammals by putting glass bottles in recyclable bins to prevent these mammals becoming trapped.

Pupils identified mini beasts along the River Devon and discovered how all species are interconnected.

The class learned and identified what elements are required for animals to survive. From this the class want to encourage more wildlife into school grounds. Pupils took part in a wildlife 'sign' walk along the River Devon, identifying evidence of wildlife such as nests, spider webs, tracks, trails and scat, demonstrating that we can see evidence of wildlife in our local environment even if we don't actually get to see the wildlife itself.

Click below to see The Rubbish Monster, the animation made by the class!